We have six cottages that are avaliable for rent. They are situated on attractive land in and around the village of Valsjöbyn. In Valsjöbyn there's a store and you can purchase your fishing licence as well as fuel.

In Lingnäset the cottage is situated along the beach of the river Rengen only thirty feet from the Norwegian border.
In Valsjöbyn there are three cottages for rent and they are located close to the town center with close access to a store.
At the summer farmstead Myhrbodarna you will find two cottages for rent. If you want the true wilderness experience and proximity to a summer farmstead, this is the place to stay!

The cottages all have high standard with four beds and come complete with a kitchen, fridge, cooler, owen, WC or outdoor toilet, television and shower.

Images of the sauna and the wooden hot tub