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The summer farmstead Myhrbodarna is located 3 miles north east of the village Valsjöbyn, 655 meters above sea level on Nordruns southern slope with a view that covers miles and miles across the Norwegian mountain world.

Myhrbodarna has been classified as a national interest by the Swedish government. Buvallen has been appraised as value class 1 as Buvallen inhabit many species that are typical for natural feeding grounds. According to inventory there is "a rich flora uninfluenced by fertilization... here you can find two leafed orchids, frog orchid and coralroot orchid".

The Buvall still has its unique character and has been owned by the Myhr family for many generations. All the buildings are in a very good condition and show how a well preserved summer farmstead would look at the turn of the century. The summmer pasture goes on until october. On the summer farmstead the milk from the cows is refined and the goat milk is turned into butter, cheese and thick milk. All the products produced can be tasted when visiting the summer farmstead.

Visitors from all parts of society are welcome to visit, may it be a school class, a corporation, retirement homes or a family gathering.
We welcome group orders, for groups larger than 20 people we would like that you order at least one week in advance. Your stay here can be tailor-made after your own specifications.

/Anita Myhr with family